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COLBARCOS S.A.S. - General Ship´s Agents, Chartering & Logistics -
Is a privately owned & operated company that is dedicated to providing and excepytional level of services to our clients, With Excellent Performance redecessor compamnies, those 30 years of dedicated services to Shipowners, Cahrterers, Shippers and Consignees, customers, ... have prepared us well, and give us the experience to handle current and future Challenges.
Colbarcos S.A.S. General Ship´s Agency was founded in October of 2013, by Mr. Jesús Alberto González Large :. , with over 30 years experience in all Maritime Sectors as Ship´s Agent and Customs Agent.
We can proudly establish that we have become preferred Agents by several of the major Chemmicals Companies Transports, Importers, Charterers and Brookers active en the Americas, and Caribbean sea.
We have full focus on our Shipowners, and Shippers Clients´, Chartereres, specific needs as we stand entirely free in relation to shipping companies and shippers, terminals and transports companies.
Colbarcos Ship´s Agency offers ship agency, liner agency and logistics solutions for Pre-and-on- carriage and transshipments. We believe it is importnat to represent our Clients fully in all aspects of a port call.
With our experience we know what has to be done, and how it should be done.
We really take care to keep all parties continusly updated in real time about how the call is proceeding, to ensure an efficient turnaround taking full personal responsability.
Colbarcos S.A.S. General Ship´s Agency
From our Offices we cover not only the all three major Colombian Caribbean Ports; Cartagena, Santa Marta and Barranquilla, but also any Colombian Port.
Colbarcos S.A.S. HUB Agency
IN Colombia, here are many Ports and Terminals and No one agency has a Presence in Colombia absolutelly in all Ports and Terminals, or bays.
Under the figure of Commercial Ports Partners, We are using a network of reliable agents along all Colombian seas, Paicifc and Atlantic, all attendance under our aboslutelly controls and supervisions.
In this way, being independent gives us free hands to use the most profesional Ones.
Relevant - Important to inform that;
COLBARCOS provides a wide range of shipping services to the vessels calling at Panamian ports or on the transiting the Panama Canal.
We also take care of the sometimes difficult and important work in handling and checking D/A, so our clients can focus on their care business.

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